4 Unique Techniques To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

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4 Unique Techniques To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

For your online business to survive you need traffic to your site. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get substantial traffic to your site especially if your site is new. While it’s difficult to attract eye balls, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. To help you out here are tips on how to increase your organic search traffic:

Craft great content, maintain conversation and build relationships

When you read blogs, they will tell that the way to effective SEO is creating great content. While this is true, you need awesome blog posts, killer videos, and valuable graphics, you won’t go far with it if you don’t create relationships with people in your industry. For you to be successful you need to do this:

Reply to all comments on your blog posts. Regardless of how absurd you think the comment is, take time to respond to it. Big personalities in SEO such as Brian dean and Neil Patel always reply to comments made by their followers. If you write a guest blog, take your time to also reply to comments there. Doing this shows that you appreciate your readers thus build meaningful relationships that can see your business skyrocketing.

In addition to replying to comments, you also need to keep the conversation going by leaving engaging comments on blogs related to yours. For consistency, always use the same name. If comfortable with it, use your real name.

Social media groups, forums and other platforms have come up where you can learn, exchange ideas, and give your input. To quickly grow your name you need to join these online communities and be active there. To drive traffic to your site make great contributions and always leave a link back to your site.

There are no people who can drive more traffic to your site than influencers in your industry. All industries have these people (veterans) who have been there for long and made their name. Research and start reaching out to them. When you publish your content, always let them know about it. Since they usually have large followings on their social media accounts, by simply sharing your link, you can see your site flooding with traffic.

When creating your content, it’s always wise to mention the leaders of your industry. In addition to mentioning them, also let them know about it. Most of them will share your content if it’s of good quality.

Make use of social sharing

Although, social media doesn’t have direct SEO value, it plays a huge role in branding and increasing traffic to your site. Before you embark on your social media campaign, remember that users on social media share information that has two important features: valuable and interesting. This means that you won’t go far with information that is all over the internet—unless you package it in a unique manner.


The first thing that you should do is join relevant social media groups. This way you will be sure that when you share your content it will reach a large pool of people. You also need to build a large social media following. You can create adverts or go the long route of creating valuable content and slowly grow your following.

To increase your chances of your content getting shared by the industry influencers, regularly engage them on social media and on your site.

Make use of email

Ask any successful online entrepreneur and they will tell you that there is nothing as valuable as an email list. In addition to having a “family” you also have people to notify when you have something going on in your life or business.

The first thing that you should do is create and grow your email list. There are many ways you can use to grow your list. One of the most effective is offering bait on your site. Offer a valuable product such as ebook in exchange for an email address. If you have a large budget, run an advert. Once you have a large list, work hard at maintaining and even enlarging it. One of the most effective ways of maintaining it is giving offers to your subscribers


Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business thus you should work at increasing it as much as possible. In addition to increasing your traffic also work at maintaining it. The easiest way of doing it is offering value to your readers. Always provide valuable content, and offers every now and then.

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