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In business today, there is no getting off the internet, which is why every organisation needs a digital marketing agency to keep up to speed.

Lies, damned lies and statistics are used by search engines to get organisations to part with their cash as they continue to chase elusive customers. But, every digital marketing agency knows that instead of bleeding financially through Pay Per Click and online advertising, money spent developing, unique content that can be shared through article hosting websites, is still far and away one of the most effective and economic routes to attract traffic. In other words, instead of paying a vast fortune for prime key words and receiving a handful of potential customers, companies are spending the same money generating original content that is search engine optimised and available to a much wider potential customer base.
Every digital marketing company in Kolkata will encourage their client to get the membership of social media sites especially Twitter and Facebook. Social media optimisation is one of the cheapest routes of connecting to the online public but for it to be effective content has to be refreshed on a daily basis. A Twitter account that does not tweet and create trends will lose followers pretty fast and a Facebook account that does not generate regular News Feeds will lose friends equally fast.

Content is king

Content on websites and within articles placed on third party websites needs to be written to a very high standard only then the SEO will work. The days of keyword stuffing and uninteresting copy are long gone with article rejection rather than acceptance the norm. Today, keywords are inserted with care by every quality digital creative agency that understands how the internet is evolving. There is a mountain of text online but with a balanced approach it is possible to spread the word in such a way, that visitors will come calling without massive pay per click expenditure.

Creating content for You Tube is now becoming an essential marketing angle. Pay per click ads can attach themselves to third party videos placed on YouTube. Organisations can create their own online video ad which is free to post. Of course, unless the video is especially interesting, not many people will find it. An alternative is for a digital creative agency to produce a short, fascinating film that is of particular interest and for PR to be placed within the company’s YouTube channel.
To implement a You Tube video campaign effectively, it should be created by an experienced digital marketing institute.
The big word that has come out of the Apple iPhone revolution is Apps. Creating and effectively marketing an App that offers practical benefits or entertainment to the user is the greatest viral marketing scheme to date. Of course, there is not a digital marketing agency that is not actively pursuing the IPhone and iPad platform, but it is crowded and a lot of imagination and marketing intelligence is needed to win through.
Let us not forget in our haste to viral market that a well constructed, well designed and well written website is the ultimate key to online success. Follow trends, gain insights and take tips from your digital marketing agency but it is always the quality of your website, and the price and quality of your products that matter most when it comes to marketing online.

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